Getting Married?

Getting a marriage license in Elkhart County can be accomplished in two ways. The first is to visit the Clerk's Office and request a form to be filled out. We cannot give you a form to take home and return as both parties will need to sign the document at the office. You can start an application online as described below.

When coming in to apply for a license, be sure to have a photo ID with you. If you have a problem interpreting English You may also bring an interpreter if needed. We recommend only the people obtaining a license come in to fill out the form.

Please note: Applicants must be at the Clerk's office 20 minutes before the posted closing time.


The cost for a marriage license is:

$25 for both in-state,

$65 for one out of state,

$4 for a certified copy

Start Application Online

You can also start your application online here. Once it is electronically submitted, call and make an appointment to finish the paperwork. You can go to Elkhart or Goshen to obtain the actual license. When filling out and submitting an online form, you will not pay for services or obtain a license when you submit the form. Payment and obtaining the license can only occur at the Clerk's office in Elkhart or Goshen.