Campaign Finance

An individual must comply with campaign finance requirements once they become a candidate. For campaign finance purposes, a person becomes a candidate once they

  1. Receive more than $100.00 in campaign contributions; or
  2. Spend more than $100.00 in expenditures.

Once a person reaches this threshold, they must open a campaign finance committee by filing a Statement of Organization (CFA-1), with the Circuit Court Clerk for local offices, or with the Indiana Election Division for Federal and State Offices.  Judicial Offices and candidates for Prosecutor file campaign finance paperwork with the Clerk, even though they file for candidacy with the State. 

Each candidate must sign a statement indicating their awareness of campaign finance requirements at the time of filing the candidate's declaration of candidacy for office. Please find the links to all the campaign finance forms in the buttons below.

Please refer to the 2024 Indiana Campaign Finance Manual for more detailed information.